About Confidential Planning


    Providing you with the smart solution for the new 403(b) regulations

    Confidential Planning specializes in the design and implementation of retirement programs for educators and employees of school systems, universities, hospitals, and not-for-profit organizations.


    Our decades of experience in the 403(b) market and have helped us to develop MultiChoice® 403(b) our exclusive 403(b) plan for teachers, administrators, and employees. MultiChoice® is designed to simplify your program, save you time, lower your costs, and meet all the new 403(b) regulations. We have a single-provider platform as well as a multi-vendor platform to continue your existing vendor relationships. All at no cost to the district.


    Learn more about how our 403(b) platforms can benefit you. Download our MultiChoice® 403(b) Plan brochure, e-mail us, or contact one of our advisors today.