Individuals & Institutions


Pinnacle Capital Management offers an array of portfolios designed to meet the needs of investors of all types. For individuals, our investment portfolios are available directly through PCM and also through financial advisors. When working with individuals directly, we can assist them in determining which investment options are most appropriate given individual objectives and needs. As fiduciaries, we take this responsibility seriously. For those investors who require an additional level of assistance in assessing and advising them on their broader financial needs, the expertise of a third party financial advisor – either independent or through our sister company, Pinnacle Investments – may prove invaluable. These financial advisors can help you define your needs and recommend investments suitable to your unique financial objectives.


Irrespective of how you retain our services, each of our portfolios are managed by a professional team utilizing proven investment strategies. Whether you are investing for long-term growth or preparing to draw retirement income from your life’s savings, Pinnacle Capital Management is confident we have the right solution for you.


Small to Mid-Sized Institutions


Pinnacle Capital Management recognizes the unique needs of small to mid-sized institutional investors and how they differ from those of larger institutions. That’s why we offer customized portfolio solutions designed to meet those specific needs.


We deliver these customized portfolios while always remaining true to our firm’s disciplined Investment Philosophy. We will serve your organization in the role of a fiduciary. In addition to the quantitative elements of portfolio management, Pinnacle Capital Management also recognizes the importance of the qualitative characteristics and more importantly, the close interaction between the two. We believe the key to long-term investment success is open communication between the client and investment advisor. It is essential that from the outset both parties clearly understand the client’s objectives and risk tolerances. Likewise, it is the investment advisor’s obligation to communicate its approach to solving the client’s needs along with its views on the marketplace and how the client’s portfolio is structured relative to that marketplace. In order to formally communicate investment objectives and expectations, our investment management team is able to assist clients in designing a new Investment Policy Statement or updating an existing one.


Regular reporting is also an important part of our process. While clients receive portfolio performance reports, analyses, and commentary on an ongoing basis, Pinnacle Capital Management also keeps clients informed of material news that may impact their organizations’ investment portfolio. Our Investment Management Team is accessible to clients for regular or impromptu meetings – by phone or in person. We are also available to participate in board, trustee, and investment review meetings upon client request.